Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Hour with Missy & Chelsia ***POSSIBLE SPOILER***

Once again I forgot to tune in when the show started, but I did get to hear the last half.  And based on what is going on, I need to make tuning in to this show a priority.

Why?  Because I heard some good dirt.  Some good gossip.  Some about BB9, and some about what is about to happen on BB13.

Scoop about BB9

A caller said that she heard Shelly say that due to her bad back, she wanted to put some pain pills in her pocket to use during the competition tonight.  The caller wanted to know if that seemed fair to them?

Chelsia said this was absolutely not possible---if you have a prescription you can bring the medication on the lot with you, but you can't carry it around the house.  Instead the medication is dispensed in the DR in an official manner.  She said that Big Sheila Kennedy from her season "hid pills in obscure places in her luggage so she could sleep at night".  Supposedly the pills were Tylenol PM.  Big Brother found every single pill and confiscated them.

My addition:  Adam from BB9 (now in prison) was overheard on the feeds telling one of his cronies (either Ryan or Matt, who is also in prison) that he brought in some Oxycontin.  Shortly thereafter there was a lockdown and it is widely believed that Big Brother confiscated the pills, which he had hidden in a sock.

Does Big Brother do a cavity search?  If not, they might want to.

Scoop about BB13

A caller said she knew someone "who worked on the show" and "has worked on the lot for 15 years".  Chelsia prodded her but she could not say more due the risk that her friend could be discovered.

She said the Golden Key Holders would be offered a choice.  The choice would be to take what is in a mystery box, but I don't think they will know the risk when they make the choice.  What will happen if they take the box is that their partner who was evicted will then get their jury vote. 

Meaning that when that houseguest is evicted, they will be informed that they will lose their jury vote, and their previously-evicted partner will then join the jury in their place. 


Chelsia pushed back on it a little, saying that could mess up the stipends but she finally said lets wait and see. 

The caller also said that the prizes may be total crap.  Which would add insult to injury.

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