Saturday, July 16, 2011

Getting Schooled with Ragan 7-13-11

I swung by SuperPass to watch a few of the talk shows that have aired since BB13 kicked off.  There is a new show called Getting Schooled With Ragan.

It is hosted by someone named Spicy Pants who apparently is the brains behind the website Celebrity Smack.  I like the way they use a backdrop from the house--it feels fresh and exciting.  Spicy Pants mentions the Jeff Schroeder/Dumbledore incident, but states right up front that they won't be discussing that on the show.  And Ragan won't be commenting either--he has to save that for his personal blog.

She welcomes Ragan, who says that he knows Spicy Pants from the Japanese massage parlor where she gave him a Happy Ending.


That joke fell flat.  If indeed it was a joke.  If that was real.......***shudder***...I can't even go there.

Ragan promptly launched into his analysis of the BB game, saying that he is proud of Dani, Rachel is playing a smart game, yadda yadda yadda.  He also gives kudos to Jordan, surprisingly enough, saying that he has seen her work people like Kalia.  He saw her tell lies in a charming, unassuming way and says that she is "one of the best he's seen".

He thinks people should give Jordan the credit she deserves, and that she and Jeff are playing with the end in mind.  Ragan then says that he thinks Kalia has her head up her ass, since she is trying to backstab her partner Lawon.

If you give Dr. Ragan Fox a platform, he is certainly going to use it to talk.  And talk and talk.

The only choice I can make is not to listen.  So, I gave this show a try and watched the first 9 1/2 minutes.  That's enough for me.  I don't love to hate Ragan.  I just hate him.  I will say he is very enthusiastic about the game and brings a lot of energy to the show.  I'll give him that.

I'll also say that calling her Spicy Pants gives me douchechills.  Just use a name like Betty or Annabelle or something.

Right before I tuned out, however, he mentioned that Evel Dick knew that Porsche knew Janelle.  So I guess that is why he chose her from the start to align with.  Is it fair that Evel Dick knew that?  Hmmm.

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