Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fun by the Pool

Porsche and Rachel are laying out too.  Brendon comes over and gets his back protected by Rachel.  They have spray on tanning lotion.

Lawon is so creepy---look at him in the corner of the pool.  He's always just kind of lurking around and never says anything of substance about the game.  He can barely form a complete sentence, to tell the truth.

Jordan asked him if he watches Flavor of Love.  He got really excited about it and they started talking about Pumpkin "spitting a lugee', Flavor, and Chance.  (I have no idea what any of that means.)

Rachel:  None of those people are doing anything now....

Porsche mentions a musical group one of them is in but I forget the name--the Rebellionaires maybe?

Lawon saw one of them in a Dark and Lovely commercial.  This is one topic he knows about.

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