Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dani and Dom Huddle in the Kitchen

Someone is missing from the Have Not Room---

It's Dom--he just met Dani in the kitchen and they are whispering like crazy.

They are talking about possibilities for the different competitions and looking at the picture wall as they strategize.  I think Dom suggested making a move to take Brendon and Rachel out of the game and Dani said that would be the stupidest move ever.  You should keep big targets in the house because they are big targets for everyone.

Dani said they are the worst gameplayers she has ever seen.    She repeats twice that she likes Rachel, but she is the worst Big Brother player ever.

They also whisper about Jeff and Jordan.  Dani says Jeff is a target, but Jordan isn't---"nobody gives a crap about her because she's nice".

Dani is whispering about the final five -  "you and me.....Brendon and Rachel....and Jeff?.... Adam?".  Dom says that if Shelly wins HOH, she's putting Brendon and Rachel up right away.  Dom says that Porsche is going up and out on Week #5.  Dani points out that no one likes her and she hates half the people in this house--she shouldn't really be a priority.

Dani:  I'm not worried about pissing people off, I'm not playing for other people!

She tells Dom that you can't play this game week by week, you have to play day by day and the house changes every day.  That's not the way this game works.

Dani:  Remember when you were on the block with Adam, every person in this game wanted you out.

Dom: At what point did Brendon and Rachel not want me to go?

Dani: When I convinced them that you needed to stay...

Dom:  If I'm here to stay, am I a bigger target than you?

Dani:  No...

Dom:  Any way you look at this, Brendon & Rachel and Jeff & Jordan are bigger targets than us.

Dani:  Stop telling Cassi things---she tells Shelly...

Dom:  Cassi's out the door...

Dani:  She tells Shelly things...stop telling her...I know you've told her stuff so stop doing it.

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