Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Thoughts on Chima,

while we wait for the BB day to start.

I think we've all seen the letter that Chima issued yesterday regarding her departure from BB. We all know being a huge narcisssist is one of her major flaws, so I'm not surprised that she claims she left of her own volition.

Here is a link in case you somehow missed seeing it elsewhere.

I think AGP is going to milk the situation tonight for all it's worth. Last week when Chima was HOH, the quickie promos for the show featured her cackling like a witch and I think they referred to her as a witch, or crazy, or something. I remember seeing it and thinking, "Wow, that was harsh!".

Now I hear that tonight's episode is being touted as the biggest blow up ever, or something like that. I'm sure AGP is smart enough to check and double-check everything through their lawyers to make sure there are no angles for Chima to work regarding some sort of legal action. But then again, I thought the Casting Department had enough intuition and experience to keep the crazy to a minimum. Not this year, apparently.

Well, BB is going to show as much of Chima's meltdown as they can, which unfortunately is probably going to include all the racist comments that she made. Chima clearly thinks that she is justified in her attacks on Russell, but it is also clear that she is a sick person who needs help realizing just how sick she is.

It will be interesting to see if she can leverage this exposure to acheive bigger things, or if she will face any blackballing reprecussions from CBS. She talked in the house a lot about wanting to get an in-studio position on The Insider or Extra, or something like that. (She said Mario Lopez is cleaning up in that job.)

I think Chima's hopes will be dashed, much like all of the broken glass she left in the backyard.

I also think she is going to be hard to control at this point. She has protected her tweets, so you can be sure she is unleashing a torrent of hate on Twitter. Chima was actually one of my picks for Final Two, but I think she is going to do something really crazy and demented now that she is unleashed on the world. I think certain people might even want to look into getting some extra security.

Yes, that kind of crazy.

Les Moonves just isn't going to let that happen. Hell no. Not on his watch. The CBS Eye will be upon her......