Saturday, April 19, 2014

I Wonder What the Other Guy Looks Like. #EvelDick #BB8

I'm sure by now you know that Evel Dick has apparently had an eventful couple of days.

This newsy episode started with Evel Dick tweeting a selfie of himself, all battered and swollen.  He thought he was hit by a car, but he's not sure.  In response to a tweet from one of his many followers, he did remember that he only had two beers all night, so he definitely wasn't drunk.

You know he lives in Ireland now, right?

I guess TMZ gets to publish the picture for free since Dick already tweeted it.  Dick could have sold that picture directly to TMZ, I'll bet.  He shouldn't be so quick with the camera next time...because you know there will be a next time.  Whatever you do, DO NOT ASK Daniele how her dad is, okay?

You can enjoy TMZ's fine coverage here.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lydia from #BB11 Makes a Sad Return to Reality TV

Remember Lydia Tavera from Big Brother #11?  She was memorable for her tattoos, a drunken fight with Big Jeff, and wasting no time getting physical with Mr. Pectacular himself, Jessie Godderz.

I was watching Online Dating Rituals of the American Male on Bravo last night and much to my surprise, Lydia popped up as one of the online "dates".  I put that in quotation marks because I'm assuming the "dates" begin with a casting call, rather than the standard online dating process.  The show is a 60 minute format that features the dating dramas of two different men each week and I find it very entertaining.  I started watching it from Episode #1 because Alex "Prime Time" Stein from the Glass House was one of the featured bachelors.  I was not disappointed in Episode #1---Alex certainly delivered entertainment from start to finish....

OK, so things didn't work out so well for our Lydia during her appearance on the show.  One of the Males on last weeks' show was a guy named Adey, who describes himself as a "bad ass".  He is extremely fit, and has a bunch of pictures of himself posted on his dating profile playing the "motorcycle dude" role.

Adey hated his first "date", and while trolling for his second "date", he became enchanted with Lydia's profile when responding to a message she left for him.  (Is this on  or Plenty of Fish?  or Reality Casting Calls?  They don't say, so we don't know.)

Adey loved Lydia's tatted up profile pictures, and made a big point of mentioning how he loved her long dark hair.  When I saw the profile pictures, I didn't recognize Lydia from BB11 even though she uses the name Lydia on her profile.  

Since Adey mentioned her long dark beautiful hair several times, I knew exactly what was coming, and the producers did their best to build the tension as Adey approached the bar to meet Lydia for a drink.

OK, so before we get to the part where Lydia is totally slammed by Adey numerous times right on camera, let's review the above picture.  Adey is in a car, but is on the passenger Adey in a taxi?  A town car?  A stretch limo?

No, he is catching a ride to the date with his friend, who was featured on an earlier episode of  Online Dating Rituals of the American Male.  He's catching a ride, because Adey has had "some legal trouble" and isn't allowed to drive.  I think he took public transportation to his first date, and calls his friend after dates to catch a ride home after the dates (or "a scoop" as Adey phrases it).

I mention this because Adey is a very critical guy, and of course women have a long history of being judged by their looks.  I'm not here to change that, but if Adey is going to judge women based on their looks, then it is fair for us to judge him for having to catch rides like a little boy.  I'm thankful that he isn't driving without a license, endangering the fine citizens of Los Angeles, but if he is going to cruelly criticize others we can also judge him.

So Adey gets to the bar and lets us all know that he hated Lydia's short blonde hair.  In fact, he said that he was very tempted to turn around and run when he saw her sitting at the bar.  I guess he wouldn't have been able to get his paycheck from Bravo if he did that, not to mention his friend had probably driven halfway down the street at that point.  It's hard to storm out and speed away when you are on foot in L.A, I guess.

Adey mentions several times that Lydia's profile was misleading, implying she "pulled one over on him".  Bravo hammers the point home by giving us a side-by-side view.

Hey Jackass---ever heard of a wig?  A weave?  Clip-ons?  Would ANYONE think the picture on the above left is real hair?

Lydia did her best to make small talk with Adey the Asshole, flirting and touching his arm as she complimented his profile pictures and his motorcycle dude style.  He was rude to her face, and super rude in his one-on-one camera interviews, really driving home the concept that Lydia is way, way, way , way beneath his lofty standards.

He even made a very insulting comment to her as they left the bar.  She asked him if he was going home to work, and he shot right back that he was going home to look online for another date.

Classy Adey, classy.

The sad part is that Lydia offered to give him a ride home, even after being totally humiliated, and went in for a kiss as she dropped him off.  He let us know very clearly that the kiss was not his idea, and as the segment concluded we saw Lydia immediately call "her friend" (ie. Production) to say that Adey was a real keeper and after that kiss she was sure that she would see him again.

Only if you are driving shifts on Uber, Lydia.

Lydia wasn't my favorite Big Brother house guest, but I felt oddly protective of her as this whole scene played out.  She still seems lively and full of hope, and I hope this little episode doesn't set her back too much.  I shudder to think what it may have been like for Lydia watching this episode for the first time, and hopefully the only time.

Adey, you suck dude.  If you can post motorcycle pictures of yourself when you aren't allowed to drive, then Lydia can wear a wig in her profile pictures.

(Also, Adey did approve of his third "date", and if that girl wasn't wearing a weave, then I'll be a monkey's uncle.)  (I've never used that expression before, but I've always wanted to...)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gina Marie Wants to Get Nekkid, Ya'll #BB15

According to TMZ, Gina Marie wants to be a Playboy Bunny.

And that is a great picture of her, isn't it?  With the black stripe on her butt crack?  And we've all seen those shoes the strip club baby.

I think Gina Marie would stand a better chance of a Playboy cover or feature pictorial if she teemed up with the other Big Brother "bunny" Aaryn. 

Can you just see Amanda seething right now?  ha ha ha ha ha   Do you think Amanda voted in the TMZ poll?

You can read the entire TMZ article here, and cast your vote, too.  I hope Gina Marie isn't trying to get Nick's attention with this stunt.  I don't think Playboy is Nick's type of magazine...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Showmance Watch #BBCAN2

Sarah is giving Andrew specific instructions regarding how she likes her back rubbed.  Something happened last night with one of the women last night that "broke Sarah's heart".  And Andrew made sort of comment about devil worship with one of the girls (maybe the same one?) that upset her and Alison gives him pointers on how best to apologize and smooth things over.

As usual I don't know what is going on.  I can only tune in so much during tax season.....

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Arlie Breaks Down #BBCAN2

Arlie is visibly shaken today as he paces around the house, sighing, looking like he would like to be anywhere but there in the Big Brother Canada house.  He's on slop this week, and it's getting to him.

(Sorry for the messy pictures---I am learning to use the VPL software and sometimes the picture part is tricky.)

He approached Adel in the bedroom and launched into a conversation by kind of aggressively telling Adel that it really pissed him off that Adel kept talking while he was trying to sleep.

Arlie then clarified that he was having a really hard day, and just needed to vent.  When Adel made a move to leave, Arlie said he wanted to vent with him, to talk to him.

Arlie:   The slop man, it's really getting to me.  I need some words of wisdom.

Adel is also on slop this week.  He encouraged Arlie to "just go crazy...keep eating it".  He said he had "two bowls of salsa" earlier and he just keeps "eating it and eating it".

Adel:  To be honest, it's not getting to me yet...because I just keep eating it.

He offers to eat slop with Arlie "all night if that's what it takes, brother".

They hugged it out twice, and the conversation seemed to end on a good note, but clearly Arlie still feels like crap.  Adel say he's there for him, and leaves the room.

And then Arlie saw Andrew, and started in on him, telling him that he feels very disrespected by Andrew sometimes.

Arlie:  You treat me like what I say doesn't matter...when I'm talking you interrupt me all the time and I never even get a chance to say what I want to say.

Andrew must be used to getting confronted in his everyday life, because he immediately clicked into "Sorry Andrew", thanking Arlie for bringing this up.  Then Andrew started a long monologue about having to work with people he doesn't like.

Andrew:  I mean, I really, really don't like some of the people I work with, but I have to get along with them anyway.

(Hi Andrew's co-workers!)

They hug it out as Andrew leaves the room and Arlie thanks him.  Then, after Andrew leaves Arlie starts shooting his fingers like guns at the door, making little "pow pow" noises.

Arlie hates Andrew, I think.  I'm pretty sure he was laughing about the fact that even in his apology, Andrew interrupted Arlie and took over the conversation, talking about himself. 

Then Rachelle came in the room and sat down to chat with Arlie.  She wondered if Arlie was worried about getting put up today after the PoV (?) but he said no.

Arlie:  I feel like, you're a bitch to me most of the time. You don't give me the time of day.  I feel like you don't give two shits about me.

Rachelle told him she was sorry, and that she misses Happy Arlie and he agrees he just needs to snap out of it.  Rachelle is dressed as a weiner during the entire conversation.

The new Big Brother Canada house is fricking redonculous.  Good lord.  Each room is more striking than the last.  We could use that set designer on Big Brother USA, right?  Not to mention some of the casting initiatives...

Arlie is trying to find a space where he can be alone, but it's hard, I guess.  Sarah asked him if he was pretending to be sad for the game and he snorted, "no".

I was hoping Marsha the Moose was behind this, but if she is Arlie isn't letting the live feeders know about it.