Sunday, September 25, 2016

Everybody Wants a Piece of Them. #BB18

Back in the old days, it was rather difficult to find pictures of the post-season parties and festivities.  You couldn't just lurk on Twitter or Instagram for them.  But it's a whole new situation today. I'm still trying to heal and recover from the end of BB18, but as we all know the clock is ticking on that process.

A whole new cast will be revealed on Wednesday for BBOTT, so everyone's 15 minutes as it pertains to BB18 is ticking by quickly....even mine.

So let's go.

Nicole appeared on The Talk the day after she won the season.  I think she did a good job and seemed very relaxed, like she makes these sort of appearances every day.

Nicole says she needs to get a Financial Planner, because she has no idea what to do with all of that money (probably around $365,000 after federal and state taxes are paid).

Nicole: I'm going to take my family on a really nice vacation, because we all deserve it after this summer.  And then I'll save the rest of it for my future.

(That is the correct answer, Nicole.)

The ladies wanted to know if Corey was invited on the vacation.

Nicole:  Oh sure, Corey can go on the vacation.

(That may not be the correct answer, Nicole.)

There was quite a bit of ogling that went on as they all stared at Corey's half-naked body.  Nicole did make it clear that she doesn't necessarily consider Corey to be her boyfriend, but says they are very good friends.  There was also recognition about Nicole being the first female winner in Big Brother history to win over a man in the Finals.

Friday, September 23, 2016

The House Guests Show Up and Get Turnt Up. #BB18

I'm just now getting around to watching the post-show interviews, if you can believe that.  But I've tried to find some fun infotainment for you regarding the BB18 cast who are now free and on-the-loose after such a long season.  

I'll just get going here and see where it all takes us.

We have to start with Paul and Victor, right?  The community at large seems to be treating them as if they won the game.  Which in a way, they did.  They are the guys everyone wants to hear from, and take a picture with. They're Winners, obviously.

Here are the guys getting a touch up before the big cast party at Clifton's on Thursday night.   I really wish Victor had them shave off that scruffy beard, but it looks like he plans to keep it, at least for a while.  He's lucky to be hanging with Paul, because Paul knows where to go and who to see for important stuff like this.

And here's Paul with Nicole, who understandably looks very happy.  That purple shirt she's wearing is a custom T-shirt designed by her family. It features Nicole's iconic bun, of course, along with some words about being "so stressed".  I think this picture was taken in the hotel lobby.

Paul said in an interview that the only people he saw himself interacting with in the future were Victor and Glenn, of all people.  He said everyone else is crazy, neurotic, and immature.  Basically, that he never cared about them.

Glenn was talking some MAD SHIT about Nicole on a recent podcast with Rob Cesternino, so it made me kind of mad that he was standing right next to Nicole on the final shot of the CBS show, where Julie had the entire cast gathered together to close the season.  Glenn looked like he was trying to make eye contact to hug Nicole or talk to her, but she kept looking straight ahead at the camera.  I don't like disingenuous stuff like that....don't trash someone behind their back and then try to cozy up to them on national TV.  Go home and groom a dog, dude.  Or trim Victor's beard for him. 

This guy Phillip Alan has a long tradition of photographing BB house guests after the season ends.  I think he does it for free, probably contributing to some of their "books" or portfolios.  He has sessions already booked for several of them, including Paul.  Paul knows how to pose for the camera, that's for sure.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The End of The End, Which Began A Long Time Ago. #BB18

On Monday, the house guests gathered in the living room as Nicole read a special announcement on a laminated card.  She announced that a new series of Big Brother would be started on September 28th, just days away, and the three of them sat in shock as the very basic BBOTT commercial played on the screen in the living room.

Nicole:  Are you serious?  What is going on right now?

James "joked" that he wanted to go back in to play the new season as they sat stunned, trying to process the information.

(I know I felt the same way when I heard the news.)

I heard Ian Terry talk about this on a podcast soon after the news was announced, saying that a few other former house guests had been grumbling about it, worried that it would dilute the importance of the traditional summer season.  Ian also mentioned that there was concern that the BBOTT players might be considered to be in the same pool for All Star purposes, or in future seasons where returnees are involved.

I also heard Dan Gheesling tell Rob Cesternino that he'd "heard from a few people" who had been approached for BBOTT, but they were hesitant because they weren't sure how successful it would be, and they didn't want to waste an opportunity to play if the new series was a flop.  Rob pushed Dan to tell him who it was, but Dan didn't want to say, and didn't even want to say if it was a returning BB player, or a newbie-type-of-person.  Dan wrote a book about getting cast on Big Brother, and frequently couches people about getting cast, so it's possible he was referring to a newbie.

But I don't think so...I think former players were approached...just a guess.  I heard a rumor at one point that the cast would be filled with former players who did not make the Jury, but I don't know if that is true or not.  I know that the pre-jurors often seem hungrier, with more to prove.  And it would be easier to cast from that pool, since most of the screening and interviewing has already occurred.