Thursday, August 25, 2016

Victor's Last Stand: An Uphill Battle. #BB18

It looks like the HoH competition will kick off just as the live show ends here on the East Coast, and right now they're saying that it's going to be an endurance comp.  This looks similar to the "Graduation" HoH comp that was held in BB11, except instead of sitting on the round disks, the house guests will be hanging on those "popsicles".  That big tongue that will be "licking" them is similar to the big diploma that whacked the house guests during BB11.

Who does this competition favor?  I think it favors someone strong, with long legs.  James is good at endurance, of course, but his legs and arms might be too short to get enough leverage when his grip is slipping.  I think both James and Paul will be determined enough to go the distance, though, but I'm not sure if Corey has the gumption to stick it out for hours.

If Paulie or Da'Vonne come back in, I think they can both be strong contenders here.  They both want to win and have been getting lots of rest and nutrition in preparation for competing.  But Victor might be at a disadvantage, due to being a Have Not all week.  But the will is there, certainly.


If you watch the live feeds, you might have felt confused by some of the action in the past few days. Since Paul won the PoV, he and Victor have gradually realized that Victor is indeed the target, and Corey is not the pawn that he was rumored to be when Michelle put him on the block in Paul's place.

So...Victor and Paul are taking steps to make it appear that there is now a rift between them, so that the house guests think that Victor and Paul will not be working together if Victor stays in the game.  In fact, Victor is now making noise about being so offended by Paul's recent actions that he is going to target him if he stays and wins HoH.

Part of this plan involves Paul getting really chummy with Nicole and Corey, running his mouth about James and Natalie.  Paul is taking a risk by doing this, but it's a measured risk, because he's safe this week and he already knows that Natalie and James wanted to evict him this week.  Paul told Nicole and Corey that Natalie trashes them constantly, but he doesn't want to focus on personal issues.

Corey: Yeah, I like to think strategically.

(Oh really?)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Victor's Revenge: "I Will Never Clean in This House Again." #BB18

There has been a whole lot of nothing going on in that house this week. They've all been locked inside, and I don't see any real excitement on the horizon until the returnee comes back in the game on this week's live show.

That competition is sure to be a crap shoot. And anyone can come back in if it's a crap shoot.  Of course most of us want Victor to return, making him the first house guest to ever be voted out twice and still return to the game.  But if Paulie ends up coming back in, he is sure to team right back up with Corey and Nicole, targeting James and Natalie.

Or would he do something stupid like target Paul and Michelle, who reportedly HATE each other now?

I'm ready for these stupid showmances to break up.  I'm ready for some deception and revenge to take place.  But until then, we have pranks.  And god knows we all love pranks, don't we?.  In this prank someone put Paul's shoe under the Eiffel Tower, just beyond the loaves of bread.

Everyone said "hot" or "cold" as Paul moved about the house, trying to find it.  He found the shoe, stepping on the inside of the fridge to do so.

Isn't that FUN?  I told ya'll back in June that I think showing the pranks on the CBS episodes is really pandering to the lowest level of viewer intelligence.  But in Production's defense, we're here in late August, and this is all that is really happening in the house this week.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 8 #BB18TheSaga

Just like the rest of us, Wil is trying to make the best of some rather skimpy CBS episodes.  In this installment of Wil's weekly Saga, we get to see:

*  Julie Chen worrying about her fashions from inside her dressing room.
*  The ladies in Jury, filling Da'Vonne in on all of the latest Paulie information.
*  Bridgette appears to need a vacation, or perhaps a restful stay in some sort of institution.
*  Paulie is injured badly......twice.